Corporate profile


Shinkoh-Electronics pursues the future of optoelectronic century.
Over 40 years from the construction of optoelectronic technology, people has not finished finding the true nature of “light”.

That is why opto-electronics holds unlimited possibilities.
By developing new optical semiconductor components, there occurs infinite multiplied effect which create new applications and markets in this society.

White LED devices, praised as revolutionary invention since Edison, must be typical example.
Shinkoh Electronics has been concentrating on development, manufacture and sales of optical semiconductor products, especially photo sensors, consistently since established in 1974.

Shinkoh Electronics is making great effort to lean cutting edge information and application information, Moreover, focus on technical development of new age for realization of new optoelectronics century.

Principle of Shinkoh Electronics

  1. The Provision of services creating optoelectronic century.
  2. The creativity and system management to high efficiency and productivity.
  3. The self-developement in the aim of opto specialist.
  4. Reliance and certainty from objective point of view.