Technology information

Original founded 1974, as pure photo sensor manufacturer.

"Shinkoh Elecs" is very reliable brand

  • World top class original sensor number.
  • More than 1,000 companies’ sales results.
  • Supplying to industries who need “high integrity” such as banking machine and traffic industry.

Shinkoh’s desire to make customer’s dream come true, various technology method and research for photo sensors can realize customer’s success.

Technology of Semiconductor

Shinkoh can supply the products by using specific technical know-how from development, manufacturing, and then Quality assurance.

Optical design

Simulation of best light distribution characteristics for customer’s apllication


Bare chip assembly

Customized light source from UV


Model /Lens design

Design of complex shape resin product, aspheric lens and specific housing.


Resin encapsulation

Hight reliable resin encapsulation on latest facilities and know-how


Surface mount

High reliable LED surface mount