Cautions of Use


Load to Product

Be aware that much load gives a damage to product as deforming or deterioration. At forming of terminals, fasten the root of terminals. Lead-cutting or insert/remove of connector should be worked in room temperature.

Deterioration, scratch and grime

To avoid tarnish, alteration and stain by the oxidation or corrosion, keep the product in environment of non-condensing, no water drop, and no corrosive gases or salt air. We recommend to use desiccator with nitrogen air. Please note the scratches, stains, or bruises on the products, especially on sensing surface, for storage and handling.

Vibration and Impact

Please note Mechanical vibration and an impact by the preservation, carriage and use as it might occur some damages or transformation of product

Ambient light

Please use in environment where there is no direct ambient light. Light modulation type is available for solution with influence of ambient light.

Shielding object

For light shielding, High extinction efficiency is recommended in material.


Don’t use chemicals but blower or soft cloth for cleaning. If you have any problem, please consult our Sales Dept.

Static electricity

The worker, working table, instrument and circuit should be always grounded to prevent damage of product from static electricity or surge voltage.

Notice of Soldering

Please check the performance of soldering at customer’s assembly in advance. It also need to check the problem with the appearance or reliability by using of flux

Compliance of ratings and notice

Operation never exceeds each value of Maximum Ratings and comply with each notice at design/ Operation. Please note that we are free from any risk, expense, and damage caused by ignorance and defects of these ratings and/or notice directly and indirectly.

Disassembly of Product

Don’t take the product apart for danger. After being disassembled without our formal approval in advance, we can’t warant any performance on specification sheet. Please ask our examinatin if it needs analysis.

Measure for UV safety

Please do measure for UV safet – for example, UV protection lenses of spectacles – as it is danger for eyes to look UV light directly or by way of optical system during operation. Same measure is also required in possibility of reflection of UV light.

Fail safe / Fault tolerance

A fail-safe describes a device, parts or system which, in the even of failure, fails in a way that will cause no harmor at least a minimum of harm to other device or danger to personnel. In the event of failure, for example, operating fuse for the safety can apply for this designing. Please plan the safety design for entire system and device, especially in applications which require reliability and safety about function and accuracy. Also, we recommend that the design based on “Fault Tolerant” should properly hold the system despite malfunctionor wrong operation. Please consider the redundancy design, especially in applications which require the faulttolerance.

Specific design and application

If your products or system demand higher accuracy, reliability and/or durability – ex, Space appliance, Devices for atomic power control, military purpose, security of every kind, medical precision equipment and so on, our standard models might be not suitable to your application. Please contact us and confirm in advance, if you have any questions about certification of conformity for your application.

Fool proof design

In designing your products and systems, please make design that will avoid any risk and/or damage caused mishandling or will not interrupt normal operation. Please note that we are free from any risk, expense, and damage caused by ignorance and defects of this design directly and indirectly.


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