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新光電子それは可能性を見つける会社 〒250-0875 神奈川県小田原市南鴨宮2-29-30

Brand message


Delivering products that are lights of hope and opening the way to an abundant future for all people.


By being proactive, not passive, we will continue to be a fresh light that clients approach first.


  • ◆ We respond with both speed and flexibility.
  • ◆ We value the spirit of challenge.
  • ◆ We deliver solutions that are a step ahead through creative interpretations.
  • ◆  Internal voices reflect society’s perspective; therefore, we emphasize a willingness to listen to opinions.


01 Achievements and responsiveness

Achievements and responsiveness

Keeping dialogues with you in our mind for a long time, SHINKOH ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.. constantly has been taking on new challenges. The challenge creates new technologies and the new technology makes next challenges possible –. We will proceed with that fulfilling product developments and we also will walk as your reliable partner.

02 Flexible responsiveness tailored to needs

Flexible responsiveness tailored to needs

We generously demonstrate our technical ability and design perfect products that meet your various needs. When there is no product matches our standard products, we can flexibly customize by extracting elements you seek. We work together as one to solve your various problems such as projects “whose development was rejected by other companies”.

03 Speed and meticulous responsiveness

Speed and meticulous responsiveness

Our sales staff are professionals with expert knowledge and skills. We warmly respond to your problems and requests and we also try to propose quickly. We consider the balancing both speed and accuracy as essential for sure. We aim to being reliable for you by responding more promptly and politely than anywhere else.

The approach to optical technology



Shinkoh designs and develops products to suit customer’s particular needs, by taking advantage of leading-edge 3D CAD and optical software and doing advanced simulations.



Updated equipments and skilled staffs manufacture products precisely and stably.
Furthermore, we unify technical know-how essential for productivity increases and constantly strive to improve it in the field.



The installation of X-ray analyzer and SEM(Scanning Electron Microscope) has made it easy to figure out the state of a product.
In addition, that has improved analytical capability and contributed to quality improvement.

Quality Assurance System

Quality management system

quality management system

Shinkoh obtained ISO9001 certification in headquarters, Tokyo sales office and Kansai sales office. Certification (PDF 193KB)

In accordance with recent revised content Shinkoh, as photo sensors and photo sensors unit manufacturer, continues to develop better quality control system with keeping manufacturing on ordinance observation and with making effort to satisfy customers.

Certification ISO90001
Registration date Nov 2009
Authentication range Photo sensor and LED, design and development of application products of the light-receiving element, manufacture and sales of motor
R & D section

R & D section

R & D team, in design process, carries out mechanical, optical design and simulation by using leading edge desgin tools for customer’s request. Ensuring mechanical consistency by 3D CAD, the problem occur beforehand, which can help to develop better products.
Moreover by using automatic measurement R &D team improves and innovates the design quality.

Production section

Production section

Automatic soldering machines and automatic appearance inspectors were installed in production section. Their goal is satisfying customers supplying more stable and higher reliable products. Manual soldering is also carried out by workers who are given education and recognized by our company. In order to keep traceability for a certain product, laser marking device was installed.
Lot management per package is not only success in our factory, lot management per products is also effective. Production section makes diligent fullfilling of requirements form customers.

Manufacturing control section

Manufacturing control section

Purchasing department manages material by barcode and logistics flow to acceptance inspection in real time. Also Manufacturing control section checks strictly manufacturing process and quality in subcontract factory and is making efforts to maintain quality day to day.

Quality control section

Quality control section

Quality control promotes green procurement, RoHS compliant and REACH which are required for environment today and compiles a database. Additionally they manages and checks environmental load material like toxic materials, noise and pollution.


Shinkoh manages quality, automatize manufacturing process and installed leading-edge machines and equipments for the purpose of satisfying customers.

Clean room

Clean room

Shinkoh has more than 300 square meters clean room to manufacture discrete semiconductors such as LEDs, Photo diodes, Photo transistors and COB(chip on board). Manufacturing process, storage of chip, assembly, forming process inspection can be carried out in this facility.


Shinkoh have several automatic assembly equipments, inspection devices, evaluating apparatus related with production, assembly, inspection and storage for treating advanced technology of photo sensors.

Assembling machine 3D machining RP machine
YAG laser marker
CO2 laser marker
Ultrasonic welding machine
Automatic soldering machine
Thermostatic Chamber
Manual die bonder
Automatic die bonder
Manual wire bonder
Automatic wire bonder
Resin filling machinery
Measurement machine Automatic characteristic sorter
3D automatic positioning stage
Microscope with measurement device
3D digital scope
3D automatic measurement device
Automatic PC substrate inspector
Curve tracer
Digital oscilloscope
Digital programmable generator
Multi meter
Digital pico amp meter
PLC circuit inspection device
CAD tool 3D CAD
Optical design software
PC circuit design software
Analysis Instrument X-ray Inspection system
Scanning electron microscope


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