Corporate profile


Apr. 1974Founded in Tamagawa, Ota city, Japan
May 1974Local sales activity in Latin America for CdS cell sales promotion
Dec 1976Started to OEM manufacture photo coupler
Jun 1981Patent application on photo reflector
Aug 1983R & D established for product development and quality management
Mar 1984Utility model application of reflective photo electronic detector
Nov 1985Utility model application of photo electronic detector
Jan 1988Started to develop and promote special wavelength LEDs for medical industry in USA
Sep 1989Installed LED wavelength separator
Dec 1992Started to develop and promote Photo Reflector and Photo Interrupter in house
Mar 1994Started to promote "Q-Beam"(QDI) as LED light source for biotechnology
Apr 1994Started to promote high power blue LED made by Nichia as distributor
Nov 1997Promoted manufacturing by outsourcing in China
Feb 1998Installed full automatic inspection and separator of emitter and detector at the size of 3 φ
Concentrated on promotion of full color and white LED made by Nichia
Apr 2000Kansai Branch was opened in Kyoto city.
Jun 2001Construction of headquarters in Odawara, Kanagawa
Installation of clean room facilities (for manufacturing emitting and receiving C.O.B. components)
Feb 2003Installed full automatic die bonder and wire bonder
Jun 2003Installed X-ray fluorescence test equipment for corresponding to the ROHS regulation.
Feb 2004Installed laser marking printer
Oct 2004Installed 3 CAD "Solidworkds"
Nov 2004Installed 3D processing machine
Dec 2006Installed X-ray analyzer and increase the production of dust-proof Interrupter and Photo Interrupter-separate type
Mar 2007Hong Kong Nikka-Shinkoh Electronics Ltd. was established.
May 2008Increased production of UV photo sensor KR1571
July 2009Installed SMT machine and reflow oven
Oct 2009Installed Lens molding machine and sort molding machine
Nov 2009Obtained ISO9001/2008 certification
May 2010Installed the introduction of the resin sealing system.
Sep 2010Nagoya Branch was opened in Nagoya city.
Jun 2011Rebuilding of the Headquarter and the Engineering Center
Jul 2012Started sales of motors made by FAULHABER as formal distributor in Japan
Mar 2013Reached the foundation 40th anniversary
Oct 2013Installed full auto dicing machine.
Aug 2014Installed X-ray transmission inspection equipment.
Feb 2015Installed Semiconductor device, analysis instrument.