Corporate profile


Environmental approach

Basic philosophy

Shinkoh electronics Co., Ltd. promotes environmental conservation in a proactive manner as career photo sensor manufacturer whose products used in several electronic applications, observing environmental law, green procurement, establishing toxic material management system, In addition, Shikoh electronics Co., Ltd. strongly delivers message about importance of domestic or international subcontract factories environmental conservation to not only our supplier but also domestic and foreign subcontract factory, promote total environmental conservation activity.

Shinkoh Electronics Co., Ltd.
COO Hideo Sakaki

Approach 1 Environmental activity

Environmental toxic material activity
Abolition of environmental load material(Cd).

Geoenvironmental assessment activity
Roof afforestation.

Product Environmental activity
Introduction of lead free solder, abolition of RoHS 6 materials, promotion of green procurement, environmental promotion to subcontract factory.

Energy conservation activity
Promotion of LED illumination, Decrease of electronic power by restrain temperature control in the office.

Waste products activity
Paper material saving(recycling miss-copied paper, recovery and recycling packing material) recycling resin material.

*Notice Shinkoh do not purchase reproccessed materials.

Approach 2 Announcement of environmental policy and thoroughness

In order for all staff to understand environmental conservation activity,
Shinkoh posted this principle in the office and deal out “Ecology card” to all staff.


Approach 3 RoHS compliant

Shinkoh Electronics installed X-ray fluorescence spectrometer to promote environmental conservation such as green procurement and RoHS compliant.